About Us

We are a Metal and Steel Wire Product Manufacturer for so many years. Sandeeden Steel Co., Ltd. has evolved into something quite different. We have grown and expanded tremendously in terms of our business and production size.

Sandeeden Steel Co., Ltd. is now one of the biggest metal wire product manufacturers in the local market and has planned to expand its marketing coverage into overseas markets. Furthermore, Sandeeden Steel has accumulated years of experience and technological know-how that is applied in its manufacturing activities. Sandeeden Steel place heavy emphasis on quality control and the continuous enhancement of our products in terms of quality, durability, usability and so on.

We distribute wire mesh sheets products such as Wire Mesh Sheet, Expanded Metal, Razor Barbed Tape Wire, Animal Enclosure Fences.

We do also provide other hardware like Ladder Aluminium, Hand Trolley wheels, Rubber Tubes, Slotted Angle Steel, Outdoor Patio Umbrella.